TruU is a cyber security company that is transforming the way we identify users in order to provide digital and physical access as a frictionless experience. We are currently looking for a Senior Data Scientist.

Location: Boulder, CO


▪ Develop models for user identification and behavioral risk analysis using state of the art deep learning and machine learning techniques.

▪ Design, implement, and validate your solutions in Python using machine learning libraries like PyTorch, TensorFlow, and scikit-learn.

▪ Work with our engineering team to integrate your solution into TruU’s platform.

▪ Always be up to date with best practices and new research in deep and machine learning.

▪ Present TruU algorithms and techniques at machine learning conferences and meetups.

Skills and Experience:

▪ 5+ years of experience developing novel machine learning models and operationalizing them.

▪ Strong quantitative background, including an advanced degree in mathematics, statistics, physical or computational sciences or comparable.

▪ Have experience tackling large research problems.

▪ Strong communication skills for describing complex ideas clearly.

▪ Ability and desire to work in a highly collaborative environment

▪ Desire to keep abreast of emerging machine learning technologies like GANs, variational autoencoders, or topological data analysis and find areas in TruU problem space where these techniques can be deployed.

Bonus Points:

▪ A background in cybersecurity.

▪ Experience with Bayesian modeling and inference techniques a strong plus.

▪ Prior experience building user identification models from big data.